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Multi Rae Gas Analyser

Entry Rae Gas Analyser

Veego Make Digital Automatic Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus

Cintex Soxhlet Extractor

Cintex Make Hot Air Oven

Cintex Make Bacteriological Incubator

Cintex Make Bod Incubator

Olympus Binocular Research Microscope

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

Himedia Make Digital Colony Counter

Himedia Anaerobic System

Cintex Make Vertica Autoclave

Millipora Membrane Filtration Setup

Mettler Toledo Make Micro Balance

Mettler Toledo Make Microprocessor pH Meter

Racer Make Digital Timer

CVG Make 15 to 150 LPM Capacity Rotameters

+100 to -100 Capacity Glass Tube Thermometers

Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Breathing Air Sampling Kits