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Water Quality

Water is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen & is a precious natural gift which is very essential for survival of mankind including animals. The water used for potable purposes should be free from undesirable impurities. The water available from untreated sources such as Well, Boreholes and Spring is generally not hygienic and safe for drinking. Thus it is desirable and necessary to purify the water and supply under hygienic conditions for human drinking purpose.

Unfortunately sufficient safe potable water is not available everywhere in the country, either harmful chemical substances are found in the layers of earth which enter into water or it may be contaminated due to pathogenic micro-organisms. If such water is consumed, the body suffers from water borne diseases. Due to this, it has become imperative to test the water before consumption to avoid such water-borne diseases like Cholerae caused by Vibrio cholera, Typhoid caused by Salmonella typhi, Diarrhoea caused by Escherichia coli (E.coli) etc., Coliform bacteria is an “indicator” organism; its presence may indicate the presence of other pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. If the test results for bacteria and nitrates are within allowable limits, then your water is most likely safe for drinking.

Drinking water or potable water safe enough to be consumed by humans or used with low risk of immediate or long term harm. In most developed countries, the water supplied to households, commerce and industry meets drinking water standards, even though only a very small proportion is actually consumed or used in food preparation. Typical uses (for other than potable purposes) include toilet flushing, washing and landscape irrigation. Water has always been an important and life-sustaining drink to humans and is essential to the survival of all known organisms..

Even if your water is purified by your water company, by the time it comes through your faucet, it may have accumulated bacteria and lead from the pipes through which it is carried. So testing of water after purification is mandatory. . Vijaya Enviro Labs also providing Construction water testing services, Raw Water testing Services, Packaged Drinking Water Testing Sevices etc.,

Parameters for Drinking Water includes pH, Conductivity, Chlorides, Sulphates, Total Hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium , Potassium, Silica, Iron, Nitrates, Nitrites, Residual Chlorine, Alkalinity etc., and Physical Parameters includes Color, Turbidity & Microbiological Parameters including Pathogens.